Psychopathology And Psychedelics

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Acerca de este curso

Applied psychopathology to psychedelics refers to the study of the effects of these substances on psychopathology, that is, on mental disorders and abnormal psychological processes. Although psychedelics have shown therapeutic potential in the treatment of various conditions, it is important to understand how they interact with psychopathological disorders and what considerations should be taken into account when using them in a clinical setting.


In this course, you will learn about the most common mental disorders, their diagnostic criteria, epidemiology, nosology, descriptive phenomenology, and treatment.

The course will specifically focus on the risks and benefits associated with psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy to ensure safe and effective practice. It will also encourage reflection and debate on the etiology of these disorders, presenting new cross-cutting classification criteria proposed through psychedelic research, which could explain their transdiagnostic utility.
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  • The basic criteria for the classification and diagnosis of the main mental disorders according to the most commonly used clinical guidelines (DSM, ICD, etc.).
  • To contextualize mental disorders within a historical, cultural and social perspective.
  • Basic descriptive psychopathology to understand the phenomenology of the different mental symptoms.
  • An initial approach to the different treatments indicated according to the available scientific evidence.
  • Alternative explanatory paradigms according to knowledge derived from psychedelic research.
  • Uses and risks of psychedelic-assisted therapy in different disorders.
  • How to perform a diagnostic screening to determine the presence of a mental disorder; diagnostic and assessment tools.

Contenido del curso

Integral approach to depressive disorders – Óscar Soto – 08/05/2024

  • Integral approach to depressive disorders – Óscar Soto – 08/05/2024

Addiction and Psychedelics – Joana Bauzà Ramis – 15/05/2024

Psychotic Disorders – Santiago Madero – 22/05/2024

Personality Disorders – Oscar Álvarez – 29/05/2024

Diagnosis, etiology and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder – Adriana Fortea – 05/06/2024

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