Therapeutic Integration Of Ayahuasca Experiences

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Acerca de este curso

In recent decades, the Western demand for access to the “ayahuasca” brew has grown exponentially. The rapid internationalization of this ancestral medicine gives rise to a multitude of settings in which Western participants have access to profound experiences of consciousness alteration and contact with the depths of their psyche and with what, in shamanic societies, has been called “the other world.”


Without the narratives or practices that support the ingestion of ayahuasca in traditional use cultures, the Western seeker faces these experiences without a map to facilitate navigation. The “pedagogical style” of this plant teacher and the strength of its transformative potential often challenge the capacity for understanding and integration of those who drink it, as well as the understanding of professionals who are confronted with the demand to accompany these processes.


This course provides the foundations for therapeutic integration work with ayahuasca experiences in Western individuals, addressing transcultural, ethical, and clinical topics. We will establish a dialogue between clinical psychology, transpersonal psychotherapy, and Amazonian ancestral medicine.

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  • Understand the main challenges and therapeutic potentials derived from the practice of drinking ayahuasca in Western individuals.
  • Develop a transcultural perspective in the integration work that is respectful and inclusive of ancestral knowledge.
  • Acquire knowledge of a therapeutic integration model for ayahuasca experiences, from a perspective that integrates clinical psychology, interdisciplinary work, transpersonal psychotherapy, and the wisdom of Amazonian vegetalismo.

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