Introduction to psychedelic music therapy

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Acerca de este curso

The use of music to induce altered states of consciousness (AAS) goes back to the roots of our culture. Drums, gongs, didgeridoos and rattles have been used for thousands of years as musical instruments for healing and trance. In this training program, we will review both theoretical and practical uses of the so-called archaic instruments and aspects of trance and integration processes.

The fact that psychedelics became illegal, pushed the pioneers to search for other existing tools with similar potential to allow us to access altered states of consciousness.

In this series of online meetings, we will explore the practical and theoretical aspects to understand the scope of these tools and how we can apply them in our daily lives.

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Contenido del curso

Introduction to the origins of Music Therapy

  • Introduction to the origins of Music Therapy

Sound journey: scheme and improvisation.

Active and receptive music therapy

Self-exploration through the sound journey.

Effect of music on the brain

Set and setting sessions

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