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Acerca de este curso

Psychedelic medicines are part of what we call ancestral knowledge, a wonderful legacy of indigenous populations to humanity. At the same time, psychedelic medicines are supported by the most modern clinical and neuroscientific research. This powerful conjunction makes them an invaluable tool and a revolutionary new approach to mental health.
BMed Global offers a dynamic training program focused on the pathologies of our time, in line with the current reality: a climate crisis and increasing rates of mental disorders in the population. Therefore we adjust to the needs that are emerging at a collective level at a time when there is an urgent demand for specialized professionals.


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Contenido del curso

Mindfulness and Psychedelics
This course is an experiential and theoretical journey that aspires to create a deep synthesis between mindfulness and compassion practices and psychedelic states. Students will gain a basic understanding of the leading mindfulness-based approaches which are being used in psychedelic research today, and potential shared mechanisms of recovery and growth which we can cultivate as individuals and as a society.

  • Coming home to the present: introduction to mindfulness
  • Going beyond: psychedelics and altered states
  • No mud No lotus: the transformative power of compassion
  • Liberating the mind. ACT with psychedelics
  • Effects of psychedelics and mindfulness-based practices on our perception of self and offer alternative ways to look at this multi-facets phenomenon
  • Finding our song: the journey of integration

Introduction to psychedelic music therapy
The use of music to induce altered states of consciousness (AAS) goes back to the roots of our culture. Drums, gongs, didgeridoos and rattles have been used for thousands of years as musical instruments for healing and trance. In this training program, we will review both theoretical and practical uses of the so-called archaic instruments and aspects of trance and integration processes. The fact that psychedelics became illegal, pushed the pioneers to search for other existing tools with similar potential to allow us to access altered states of consciousness. In this series of online meetings, we will explore the practical and theoretical aspects to understand the scope of these tools and how we can apply them in our daily lives.

Introduction to Psychedelic Assisted Therapy
Psychedelic-assisted therapy uses a combination of psychotherapy and the controlled and supervised administration of psychedelic substances. It treats disorders such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and other ailments resulting from an individualistic and crisis-ridden society. This course is designed to provide a general introduction to psychedelic-assisted therapy, its theoretical and practical foundations, as well as the risks and benefits associated with the use of these substances in the therapeutic context. It is relevant to anyone interested in the field and no previous experience in therapy or psychedelics is required. Research on psychedelic-assisted therapy has grown significantly in recent decades, especially in the context of the renaissance of psychedelic research in medicine. Advances in research indicate that they will soon be available for healing in therapeutic settings. When we speak of psychedelic substances we refer to both master plants and synthetic ones such as MDMA, LSD, ketamine.

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