Birthing An Ancient Future – A Ceremony Of Life

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Altered states of consciousness include non-rational, non-linear experiences which need to to find expression in non-linear ways, such as through the body, movement, metaphorical and symbolic expression, or sound, voice, music, and dance. Somatic interventions can play an important complementary role in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and the aftermath during the integration process. We can deepen our interconnectedness within our body and the earth body, which can enhance our well-being, help us unlock our fullest potential, and help us synthesize new directions for healing and transformation – from egoism to earthism – Birthing an Ancient Future –

In this course, Birthing an Ancient Furture – A Ceremony of life, examples of the work with altered states of consciousness used for personal and spiritual growth based both drawing on ancient wisdom traditions and the latest findings in modern psychedelic science research in clinical applications will be outlined rooted in a transpersonal transcultural and transgenerational framework and with a focus on somatic and creative approaches in psychedelic interventions.

Birthing an ancient future, is rooted in the concept of interconnectedness, assuming everything is interconnected and impacts each other at a crossroads where ancient wisdom and modern science meet by synthesizing multidisciplinary perspectives, including but not limited to transgenerational trauma-informed, transcultural, indigenous approaches including plant medicine, spiritual, deep ecology, collective-community-based, creative-intimate approaches, art, dance, and music, intertwined with modern psychedelic science and psychedelic-assisted therapy. We are in a global birthing process of Birthing an Ancient Future – Temple of the Peoples – to create a new harmony on Earth by caring with loving kindness for all relations, including animals, plants, Nature, and rocks, to create a new balance, not exploiting resources, and not exceeding needs.

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What Will You Learn?

  • To learn about multidimensional trauma and transformation & the role of psychedelics
  • To support the person’s innate capacity to restore the mind-body-spirit-balance and eventually wholeness, including such dimensions as interpersonal relationships and relationships with nature, the cosmos, culture, and the community
  • Together we evoke processes of awakening the divine inside and outside of us, where Nature, art and science, technology, and spirituality are united in the search for new evolutionary pathways for humanity – a new renaissance – a new Eleusis.
  • An integral sacred science and research approach is proposed that intertwines both the rational knowledge of scientific empiricism and the intuitive knowing of spiritual experience as an inclusive paradigm.

Course Content

Individual Transgenerational Trauma and Ancestral Healing.
Transgenerational line life method Working in the sacred circle and medicine wheel Embodied practice & creative expression Theory - Research - Practice

  • Individual Transgenerational Trauma and Ancestral Healing.

Collective, Historical, Ecological Transgenerational Trauma and Ancestral Healing
Collective and historic constellation work and council work Embodied practices & creative expression Sharing an integration tools Theory - Research

The Awakening Process into our True Nature and What We Bring Into This World – & The Role of Psychedelics
From Karma to Dharma- from trauma- survival to blossoming. Heart centered approaches. Embodied practices & creative expession Theory - Research

Our Ancestral Rootedness and Belonging Awakened Empowerment and Social Transformation
Intimate interconnectedness with nature - earth - based methods - from egoism to earthism - we are the children of the earth, we are part of nature Embodied pracitices & creative expression Sharing and integration tools

Preparation and Integration Tools 1
Somatic practices of integration Creative tools for Integration Heart centered and mindfulness methods Tools for sharing, safe setting, ethical boundaries

Preparation and Integration Tools 2
Earth-based practices to enhance intimate interconnectedness with all relations. Peaceful activism - Steps to develop a heart-centered conscious way of living community-centered, an approach of collaboration, sharing and complementing each other to co-create a new harmony - only together we can - Towards an intimate stewardship for a new earth

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